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Luxury Homes

We often hear the term luxury home.  What does luxury really mean?  The definition of a luxury home has changed over time and can mean different things to different people.  Typically, luxury homes or luxury real estate is defined by the property’s value or price tag.  But price alone does not equate to luxury.  There are a number of other features and characteristics that should also be considered.  Does the property showcase spectacular views or desirable amenities such as proximity to golf courses, a downtown district, particular school districts or other attractions or features?  What is the condition of the property?

What else increases property value?  Surrounding homes, a low crime-rate, the incidence of industry in the overall area, how customized a home is and whether homes have historical or architectural significance.  These factors all contribute to a property’s perception and value.

Discerning buyers of luxury properties look to real estate professionals who possess a track record of success in this very challenging and demanding specialty market.  John and The Real Estate Group have an impressive portfolio of luxury properties and clients.  Their transactions have involved CFOs and CEOs of major corporations, public personalities, political figures and Olympic medalists.

The Group understands and appreciates the need for confidentiality and sometimes anonymity when working with luxury home buyers.

If you’re searching for a prestigious property, consult with The Real Estate Group.  Our services will impress even the most discriminating client.