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Delran was established on land taken from Cinnaminson Township. It was officially incorporated as a New Jersey township in February, 1880. Its name comes from the names of two rivers, Rancocas Creek and the Delaware River.

The history of the territory now known as Delran Township began long before the present name was given to the area in 1880.  Under two earlier township names, the history goes back to 1692, and under a still earlier designation, it extends back to 1682.  Prior to that year, the area was known under Indian titles.

 Delran’s history can be broken into 5 distinct periods:

1.  The Indian Period                                     (       -1682)

2.  The “London Tenth” period                        (1682-1692

3.  The Chester Township period                    (1692-1860)

4.  The Cinnaminson township period              (1860-1880)

5.  The Delran Township period                      (1880- present )

It is to be remembered that Delran Township in the 1970’s, approaching its 100th anniversary under the present name , had been a place of settled population for almost 300 years.  Its earliest pioneers pre-dated the coming of churches, schools, or roads, and were dependent upon boats for transportation. Thus, the adjacent waterways were responsible for the early settlement of the area that is now Delran — a fact that adds historic significance to the Township name.

Today, amid a population many times greater than that of even fifty or one hundred years ago, it is difficult to envision the primitive era.  One wonders, conversely, what the pioneers might make of the what was the Millside Heights Shopping Center (now Target Center) near the old mill stream, or of Tenby Chase, the then Millside Manor Apartments (now Hunters Glen Apartments), or of the housing development named for ancient Swedes Run!

Delran has its share of parks and museums where one can spend many hours recreating and educating oneself. Those who like playing golf can try their hand at the game at the Rancocas Golf Club. The river banks are also popular spots for picnics and recreational activities.






There are no schools near by this property.